About Terry

My name is Terry and I have been married for 24 years to a great gal Pamela. I have also been a non-denominational Pastor for 20 of those years. Recently I have noticed many couples desire a Pastor / Clergy to perform their ceremony but don’t want to jump through the “churchy church” hoops often required!


That’s why I started NW Vows. See, I believe in the vows spoken before your family and friends and God are important. I don’t believe in many of the rules and regulations often required for a Pastor / Clergy to marry you. I also think the wedding ceremony can be a little more fun and relaxed.

I am looking forward to helping you start your new life together!


“Terry drove nine hours from Arizona to Santa Barbara to marry Jenn and I. We were blessed to have a wonderful outdoor wedding, perfect weather, and Terry did an outstanding job as the pastor.”
- Chris & Jenn